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This could end up being the shortest blog I have ever written or the longest one.  Personally I would much prefer something in the middle.  The purpose of this blog is quite single-minded, it is meant purely to chronicle my journey, through the people I overhear or meet and places I visit during my search across Manhattan for the rather elusive Old Monk.  I started this quest about one month ago fully expecting it to end in less than one week.  I did not in my wildest imagination expect that it would have lasted this long.  This especially in the age of the information super highway where information about every possible person, place or object is available at our fingertips – all we have to do is Ask  (I don’t Google and will not until they have sufficiently explained why they need to store our “search” information and habits for up to 8 years).  So here we are on the 1st June 2010 and I am still no closer to finding the monk than I was at the beginning of this quest but I am a little wiser.  I no longer rely blindly on the information provided on that search results page – in this instance it has proven totally inaccurate and utterly useless.

Since I have purposely failed to fully clarify the objective of this quest, I am sure there are many who feel that I should start (and probably end) with a visit to the Capuchin Monks of New York City.  Admittedly, that would be great advice were it not for the fact that what I seek is not an old bald man but an old rotund bottle – a bottle of rum.  Not just any rum but a damn good one.  Indian rum to be precise and I can confidently that say it is the best rum I have ever tasted.