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I feel compelled to confess something that I have been holding back from all of you but also know that have I done so purely to protect you.  But recent events have forced my hand and I now feel I must come clean before someone or something else is struck by the curse.

It all started about two months ago, around the time I published my first post. I was in midtown to meet a friend for coffee.  As I got to the agreed venue early, rather than sit and wait I decided to take a stroll.  I had hardly gone a few paces when I came across a liquor store that I had never seen before.  The reason this is significant is because it was located around the corner from where I worked for a number of years and also where I passed by every morning on the way to my last job, just earlier this year.  Yet for some strange reason I had never noticed this store staring me in the face.

I walked in with eager anticipation, feeling like there was some divine sign telling me that the Monk was nigh.  The store was empty and there were no salespeople or clerk behind the counter.  I said “hello” rather loudly and still neither heard nor saw any sign of life.  I raised my voice and repeated my words.  This time I heard a little shuffle somewhere in the back and then heard a door close.  As I turned to look, from around the corner I saw a little old lady slowly walk towards me with a big smile.  She said, “Can I help you?”  I told her I was  looking for a rather elusive brand of rum and did not expect her to know it much less carry it.  She asked me the name of the rum and I said “its Indian rum called…” and she cut in to say “Old Monk” before I could complete my sentence, taking me completely by surprise.  I looked at her in shock as she was clearly not Indian and looked like she might have been Eastern European.  She smiled and said it was fine rum and one that she had carried for many years.  To my delight, she went on to add that said she tried to convince many a customer to buy, over every other run, but had been rather unsuccessful; and as a result it was only very recently that she stopped carrying it.  Great, I thought to myself, yet another sign from the Universe – just not the one I was looking for! However, all was not lost as she offered to order me some, saying she knew how to find the rather elusive distributor. I jumped at the offer and asked when I should come back to pick it up, she said in about three weeks should be fine.

In the last five weeks I have walked by the store more than four times now, all at different times of day and different days of the week, on my way to coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings.  For some strange reason the store has always been shuttered.  There is no explanation or sign. And there is no indication that they have gone out of business, been evicted or shut down by some city agency, and I cannot imagine that they just decided to take a month long vacation. Most strange; and even stranger that this should have happened in the same week that the old lady has asked me to return to pick up my Monk…