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Found myself in Little India today rather fortuitously as I was meeting an old college buddy for lunch.  He had just moved into a new office and asked if I wanted to pick our lunch destination.  So naturally I picked my favorite South Indian restaurant a few blocks away from his office.  If you have never tried South Indian food you most do so, the only caution I have is that if you are White you will need to either have a very high tolerance for spice or a brave and adventurous palette.  In my estimation it is the only purely vegetarian food that is not just edible but actually tastes amazing.  Of course there was one other reason why I chose this location and that is because I was sure that I would end my quest here.  I was convinced that I would see The Monk sitting fat and happy on many a shelf, in one of the multitude of Indian stores that litters this part of Lexington Avenue.

We had a wonderful lunch, and I had yet another convert to South Indian food.  As we parted ways I could sense the sparkle in my own eyes and the quickening of my heartbeat.  The moment was very near – the end of the journey, the completion of my month long quest.  I walked into Jaganlal Company (names of people and places have been changed to protect their identities) the place where I loyally come to do all my Indian junk food shopping since discovering it many years ago.  Now I was not expecting Jaganlal to carry my Monk but was sure that they would know where I could find it nearby.  As I got to the register, in what seemed like an age, to check-out the many items on my wife’s shopping list I asked the clerk rather nonchalantly (while secretly filled with a barely containable and now bursting glee) where I could find a bottle of Old Monk.  He put down the Garam Masala packet, stopped punching the register, pondered for the briefest of seconds and then looked up at me with the blankest stare I have seen in my life and said “Whaaaaat Monk you waaanting?”  I stood there in complete disbelief, completely lost for words and staring at what was left of my happy little moment now shattered and smashed into a gazillion little pieces of WHAAAAAAT