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I have wondered for a while where all the Indian taxi drivers in New York have disappeared.  Back in the 90’s every second cabbie was Indian but today maybe 1 in 15 is.  There has been a huge influx from Eastern Europe and the West African countries, and there still remains a large number from both Pakistan and Bangladesh but very few Indians.  It is almost as if they all got together one fine day and decided to stop driving cabs or worse yet, someone made them all disappear.  The question has plagued New Yorkers and me for some years now and nobody has come close to solving this mystery; that is not until I chanced upon the answer quite inadvertently during my quest.

I have now visited 3 liquor stores on the Upper West Side, 2 on the Upper East, 2 in Little India and 2 in Midtown West, and while none of them had the Monk on their shelves they all seemed to know it immediately and without need for further explanation.  I suspect this is in part because Old Monk is the 3rd largest selling rum in the world but  probably mostly because all the liquor store owners I met were Indian.  I mean it was quite extraordinary, and if this was just a coincidence than you have to admit it’s a rather strange one.  The fact that every liquor store I randomly walked into happened to be run by or owned by an Indian.  In the end while I found no solace and will relentlessly continue my quest for the Monk, I do feel some sense of gratification of having solved the burning question on the minds of every New Yorker – of where all the Indian cab drivers went.  I guess we should all be grateful that they are no longer behind the wheels of our cabs!